• What do I need to watch Virtual McArt video lessons?

    To view our video lessons you must use the latest version of a modern web browser – such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari – and have a broadband Internet connection

  • Can I really learn on the computer?

    Yes, you can. There are many advantages to learning online as opposed to a live classroom environment. Here are a few perks to learning with McArt Studio. • Login to YOUR class whenever you like. Anytime, anywhere. • You can pause, rewind and progress at your own pace. • Rewatch lessons as many times as you like! • Get personalized feedback from expert instructors and fellow students. • No more sharing your instructor with other students in live classes. Here you get 100% step by step tuition at your pace! • Learn together! We have no age or skill restrictions like many live classes do. You can work alongside your child, parent or friends and enjoy quality time creating!

  • Whats included with my membership?

    You get unlimited access to our entire library of video content, including all past video content and all content to be released. You watch whatever you want, whenever you want, on your phone, tablet, or computer. You also have access to our student portal and online community, where you can share your artwork, receive guidance, critique and encouragement from our highly trained experts.

  • How much does a virtual McArt membership cost?

    As little as $12 a month if you choose our annual payment plan which is $140 a year. Our month to month membership is $24.99 a month.

  • Do I have to complete all the classes?

    No, our curriculum is specially structured to allow students to independently select how and when they progress. This allows students to focus on areas of personal interest. If watercolor is just not your thing then move on to the next!

  • So what exactly do I need to begin lessons?

    We have put together a recommended materials list of tried and tested student grade brands. You do not need to break the bank when you are simply learning! Artist grade brands are something that you can always progress to as your skills and confidence grows.

  • How do I know what materials I need for each class?

    Each McArt Studio video lesson starts with a materials list recommended for that class. Please remember you do not require the exact materials. All brands vary, use what you have!

  • Cancellation and refunds?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will still have access to all content for the remainder of your current paid period. Due to the immediate availability of our library of content there are no refunds once you pay for a subscription. You are welcome to trial a few lessons prior to committing and can preview our entire library prior to enrollment.

  • Can I share my subscription with friends?

    McArt Studios curriculum allows one account per household. It is not legally available for sharing or re-sale (or gifting- unless purchased directly from McArt Studio). You are welcome to share this link with your friends if they would like to join our online McArt community. However, we would be thrilled if you share this link with your friends; https://virtualmcart.com Upholding this legality is important for the continued growth of Virtual McArt offerings and the support of those of us creating them for you.