Our studio in your home

Everything you need under one roof! McArt studios unique curriculum is specially designed and structured to develop individual artistic skill sets. We provide a personalized ‘scheme of work’ controlled by you! Here you work at your own pace, in your own style in your own home! Have no fear… We are with you every step of the way. All of our lessons offer real time step by step instruction and most of all, We ARE child friendly! Sit back and watch those imaginations come to life!

Whats included

  • Unlimited access

    Students have unlimited access to ALL current and future step by step lessons. We teach all mediums at multiple levels. Available on multiple devices. Login and create anytime and anywhere. Progress at your own pace!

  • Student portal

    Ask us anything! You have access to expert instructors. We are with you every step of the way. Whether its guidance, critique or simply encouragement you seek.... upload your work and receive one on one coaching.

  • McArt community

    Share your master pieces and progress with others in our private online community. Receive newsletters showcasing new classes, bonus content and our students of the month... It could be you!

McArt Founder

Amy Lyons

"At McArt Studio we truly and firmly believe that art has the power to transform lives. We all have limitless creative potential, it is our privilege to nurture it and show you the possibilities. Our dedication to creative learning makes McArt studio a truly inspiring place to be. Try one of our classes and see for yourself."

We are Charter Vendors

What McArt families have to say...

"Our very own art studio..."

Sydney in California

These classes are so much fun and so well explained. We home school through Inspire and used to go to your studio in Carlsbad. We were so excited when Virtual McArt started. Now we all enjoy your classes twice a week. Its the quietest I ever see them.

"Its like having our own private art instructor..."

Gemma from UK

We love the students portal feature. They love showing you what they have done! This site is so child friendly, you cover absolutely everything. My kids can access, choose, set up and follow lessons by themselves. Very impressed!

I could not believe what art he was creating!"

Jessica in Texas

I have never seen my son so engaged. School has always been a struggle which is why I chose to home school. My son loves Miss Amy's classes so much. I sit and watch in amazement at what he creates! We could listen to her accent all day!

"Bob Ross meets Mary Poppins!"

Brenda, Southern California

The instructor is so easy to follow. She has a really calming way of breaking everything down to its simplest terms and forms and her accent is so engaging. I love hearing my kids repeat waaater with a British accent! 😂