For over a decade McArt Studio has successfully taught thousands of students in our Southern California locations. We are dedicated to providing high quality art programs that enrich and inspire our students. The most sought after qualities in today’s economic society are creativity, perseverance and problem solving skills. At McArt studios we are so passionate about developing these skills that we transformed our award winning studios into a virtual haven for any aspiring artist, bringing our leading curriculum straight to you! Our passion for developing these key skills, as well as keeping art alive is the reasoning behind our low pricing. Unlimited access for $12 per month per household! Art is for everyone. 

We provide a imaginative classroom that allows students to explore and pursue their own interests whilst learning new skills and techniques.  You choose your preferred level and progress at your own pace!

All lessons are sub-categorized by mediums in our easy to navigate systemAll lessons are color coded by level so you can easily track your progress.

Included in our curriculum is Tour the Masters, which highlights the greatest artists through out time. Each lesson covers the history of the Master as we explore the artists style, subject and technique whilst creating our own inspired, masterpiece. 

Our lesson subjects are designed to be fun and striking to engage all learners. Our lessons are consistently structured to create an easy to follow, calm yet inspiring learning experience. Each lesson includes;

  • Introduction to the featured artwork.
  • Breakdown of all materials required for the lesson and techniques covered.
  • Step by step easy to follow instructions filmed in real-time.
  • Lessons are broken down into bitesize pieces that allow you to progress at your own pace. 
  • Immediate access to our student portal throughout every lesson. We are with you every step of the way. Ask us anything at any time! You can even upload your work for critique.
  • Conclusion and recap of techniques covered and advice on how to develop your new skills independently. 
  •  A recommended lesson to progress to. Our sequence of progression is optional. We encourage students to personalize their own learning experience. 


Alongside mastering new skills, we teach how to properly care for and maintain your tools. As well as how to give, receive and respond to constructive critical feedback developing strong communication skills. 

 We are Charter school friendly. 

If you plan to incorporate Virtual McArt into your home school regime, we recommend completing one to two video lessons per week, then continue your art adventure by applying your new skills in your own imaginative creations. Each video ends with helpful hints to spark your imagination.  Our unique teaching style allows us to engage all types of learners. Parents are welcome to join in on the creativity OR sit back and enjoy your coffee…. We take care of everything!

To make your experience even easier we have put together a list of tried and tested materials. Most are featured in our videos and all have been used in our studios. See our recommended list here

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